Andrew Schulman

Los Angeles, California, United States

Here are some of the things that make me successful as a consultant working with high-growth non-profits on operational planning and execution.
Not coincidentally, most of these have also made me successful as a person, too.
• I’ve worked in the Nonprofit World -- As a senior leader at several small, high-growth non-profits in recent years, I’ve experienced a lot of the growing pains that organizations in these situations face (see below for some of my specific focus areas).
• I’ve worked in the For-Profit World, too -- In addition to my work with nonprofits, through my work in the for-profit world, I have an analytical approach to problem solving and am able to find solutions that account for both impact and efficiency.
• I’m a trust builder -- In every situation, quickly building trust with a wide variety of external and internal clients, partners, vendors, co-workers and other stakeholders has always been key to my success. These are activities that come naturally to me, no matter the situation.
• I can see the world through your eyes -- Part of my trust-building mindset is an ability to see, comprehend, and juggle multiple viewpoints, allowing me to see things how others see them and communicate in ways that are meaningful and beneficial.
• I’m a strategic thinker...and doer -- I process the world around me by understanding both the big picture in any situation, as well as the key drivers and levers of action. This allows me to quickly break down issues into their component parts and quickly see paths to solutions -- and I’ve spent plenty of time doing the work it takes to make those solutions come to life.
Most of all, I enjoy this work immensely and have no greater satisfaction than helping my clients overcome their challenges.
But enough about me, what do you need right now?