Anselm Maria Sellen

Writer, Artist, and Project Manager in Bad Marienberg (Westerwald), Deutschland

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Some say it is not a name, but my parents thought otherwise and now all my name tags read „Anselm Maria Sellen“. Even for German standards that is a weird name (and I am suffering some pretty stiff competition here). At least it is a nice conversation opener!

I studied at the Universities of Würzburg, Chicago and Siegen (American Literature and Media combined with political sciences).

At the moment, I am working as director of studies for the international education centre Europahaus Marienberg. I am busy organizing and conducting political youth education. I am developing educational projects that focus politics, arts and digital media.

As a freelancer I am also selling out my experiences to foundations, schools, universities and libraries. When asked, I also publish articles on the things that I am passionate about.

I am the author of the blog "Wortinfarkt" And I am involved in the podcast formats "Perlen von den Säuen" and "EUducation".

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