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Ams Feredo

Manila, Philippines

I am Ams Feredo, a Japanese Pop Culture Enthusiast based in Manila, Philippines. Starting at a young age, I have been exposed to various cultures by my family allowing me to accept diversity as a child. But the one culture that I got hooked onto was Japanese Culture. My love for Japanese Culture became more prominent when I had immersed myself in anime. Gradually, my passion for Japanese entertainment culture flourished as I had also gotten interested in Japanese music and television series.

In October of 2013, I was given the privilege to travel to Japan sponsored by the Japanese Government under the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) and the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) as a cultural ambassador to the Philippines. I was able to travel around Japan and took part in both modern and traditional entertainment industry in order to help promote Japanese Entertainment Culture in the Philippines.

Currently I run a blog where I post all my insights about all the popular shows and music from Japan.