AM Mw3 Roster

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●▬[ AM Leaders ]▬● [ Achievements ]

★ AM Shlug (Overall) #1 EU COD4

★ AM Soltz #1 EU W@W

★ AM DvL #6 EU MW3

●[ AM MW3 ]● Offered/Rejected VaLoR MW3

★AM DvL Offered/Rejected SaVaGe Cod4

★AM Soltz Offered/Rejected VaLoR Cod4

★AM Oraql Offered/Rejected xGeN Cod4

★AM Rykuzo Offered/Rejected dRN Cod4

★AM SoG Offered/Accepted ExZeRT Cod4

★AM Velozah Offered/Accepted Triumph Cod4

Offered/Accepted DMG Cod4