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Post Office Box 30724 Columbus, Ohio 43230

We are a national organization that assists entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and professionals succeed by creating a forum where they can exchange qualified referrals with other sales representatives, entrepreneurs and professionals.

In our meetings we talk about five primary benefits, and we focus on these on a weekly basis.

Number one, and probably the primary reason that people join AmSpirit Business Connections is to get new and additional business.

The second primary benefit is you get to meet people that you otherwise would not have met.

The third primary benefit is that it teaches us to serve as a resource for our customers and clients.

The fourth benefit is that we help each other develop our overall communication skills. You can't expect to get any better referrals than the message you give, and on a weekly basis we work on giving messages and telling people what's a good referral for us. By doing this on a weekly basis we all become better communicators.

The final reason is it creates a forum to give to other people. Networking is all about giving. The principal rule of networking is simply this: those people who give are the people who will get, and we find that on a consistent basis, the people who are giving the most referrals are the ones getting the most referrals.

Do you:

1. Rely on getting quality referrals?

2. Need new quality business contacts?

3. Require new high quality contacts?

Then AmSpirit is the solution for you.

Contact Frank Agin, Founder & CEO