Ams Solutions Inc.

AMS Solutions INC. is one of the most reputed firms in the industry reckoned for offering our offered product range. We are operating in the industry as a leading manufacturing and supplying firm and have been delivering the clients requirements. Since the inception of our organization in the year 2012 in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, we have been continuously putting efforts to create customer loyalty. We were established with a very limited capital but with a heart pounding hope and commitment, over the years of our experience in the industry, we have made our names carved a niche in the industry for our products. Our offered product range is inclusive of superior quality products like Infusion Pump, Defibrillator Machine, Hospital Ventilator, Neonatal Ventilator and many more. Our products that we are offering our clients are manufactured for the best quality raw materials using the latest technology and methods. The products offered by us are industry standard products and comply with the clients’ requirement. Our capability in supplying the best product has been possible because of our committed team and our supportive vendor base. The extended support of our team of experts and our vendor base has helped us in delivering perhaps the best products in the industry. Their support, trust and efforts boost our confidence and we look forward in exploring new market and improvising our product range. The customer loyalty is another aspect of priority for the firm. It is the customers, for whom we produce, we sell and we believe that their ultimate satisfaction is our reward. We place our clients benefit over our organizational profits. It is not only the customers that we value, all along; we are mesmerized by the efforts of our team, who put their hearts to produce the best out of the limited resources.Product Range:Pulse OximeterMultipara MonitorInfusion PumpDefibrillator MachineRefurbished Oxygen ConcentratorRefurbished Syringe PumpCPAP MachineBIPAP MachineHospitals VentilatorsHospitals EquipmentsOur Team:Over the times, we have earned a strong bonding amongst our team members, which involves highly endured professionals accountable for the product design, development, quality control, and distribution. To answer the challenging requirements of our esteemed clients, we have cultivated a supportive production environment, where everybody is ascertained about their roles, and obligations but always enthusiastic to provide extensive assista