AMTC Ltd is a private equity firm based in London. The firm is led by Smith O’Connor, who, prior to heading up AMTC Ltd, had a strong background in strategic consulting. His background therefore makes him very well placed to lead a team that has already proved itself to be adept in sourcing attractive investment opportunities. The principal aim of AMTC Ltd is to identify investment proposals that offer the likelihood of an attractive rate of return in addition to preserving clients’ capital.

On looking at the type of investments AMTC Ltd has been involved with, it becomes clear that the firm has deep insight into what asset classes are likely to yield the greatest potential opportunities. This is especially the case when considering the businesses AMTC Ltd has been involved in within the technology sector. In telecommunications for instance, AMTC Ltd is providing investment for an African telecom towers project. AMTC Ltd recognises that there is a growing telecoms market in the region and this joint venture will enable the recipient company to move forward with its plans for expansion to take advantage of these new markets.

AMTC Ltd also recognises the potential of the medical software niche. As such, the firm has a significant involvement with a genome mapping business in the Middle East. In particular, AMTC Ltd has provided assistance with the establishment of a distribution hub that it is hoped will drive forward business revenues by advancing sales.

AMTC Ltd is also well aware of the potential that exists within the renewable energy niche. This particular area is likely to become ever-more lucrative in the future as consumers and businesses alike aim to meet an increasing proportion of their energy needs through ‘green’ sources. As such, AMTC Ltd is involved in providing not just investment but also due diligence for a large solar power development in an emerging country. The involvement of the firm reaches back to the initial permitting stage of the scheme. The firm will help fund construction as well as assisting with the operation of the project.

On a similar theme, AMTC Ltd has been involved in a Middle East-based waste purification operation. The technology for this was developed in Europe and licences were obtained for the distribution in a new market. AMTC Ltd prides itself in taking a hands-on role; offering valuable guidance to the management teams of