Alma Triche-Winston

I am a woman, passionate about my animals, my family, my purpose, my vision for the future. I was privileged as a child to study in some of the finest schools, domestic and international, and taught by some of the finest teachers including my father, a visionary and highly learned man, who insisted on nothing less than optimal performance, strict discipline, and self-reflection, challenging the heart, mind and body to the fullest of one's ability. "No and's, if's, or but's" he would say, when there was doubt. Just do it. I resisted often, but was ever reminded that I could accomplish anything to which I set my mind. Perseverence, nothing less. My life consisted of many challenges, emotionally and physically. I grew up in a world of high expectation and learned as a result that failure was not an option. As a consequence I attempted alternative avenues of resistance in my search for self-acceptance and harmony of soul that would often result in contradiction to the formal training and expectations reflective of a privileged beginning. My life would have many turns, some pleasurable and spectacular, others dark and sordid, where hope was dim or non-existant. One day I awoke and realized my life was not my own, but the culmination of someone else's hopes and dreams. I could not waste another moment of time. I cried and cried until there were no more tears to cry. A new day had begun.

I am a woman full of hopes and dreams. I dream for the future of my family, my animals and the world that surrounds us. I have loved and lost and loved again, realizing now that all the love I have ever felt remains in my heart, unlost, unbroken, unchanged. My heart feels bigger and fuller for all that has gone before me and all that will come to pass. I dream for the bluest of water and the warm sand beneath my feet. I call upon my angels to keep us safe and well for another day, a brighter day when the world will come together beneath a canope of harmony and goodwill, where no one is left unheard or unloved, where birth to death and beyond is filled will joy and light, the purest of light that manifests in the heart, soul and body of each and every one. The success of my vision does not depend on the world's perfection, but a closer step to a place of grace and harmony.