Ashutosh Muglikar

Consultant in Pune, India

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Each morning I wake up. Brush my teeth, comb my hair, eat a quick breakfast, put the finishing touches on a cup of tea. I pray and I leave my home. Drive to work.

At Work:

My Company's Strengths:

Getting things done is a process, demands accountability, and has clear goals.

Thats what I specialise in.

Follow through is the most valuable asset to any organization.

Thats what my company specialises in.

Successful consultants ask questions, evaluate reality, and navigate towards specific solutions.

Thats what we do.

Action implies taking responsibility for results.

Thats what we are known for.

We make sure the "why" is not lost while pursuing "what"...

My Belief (at work):

The essence of entrepreneurship is belief.

Not just a belief, but the power to believe. It's the power to believe that the world is missing something valuable that only I can give it. Something that makes the world better. Something so valuable that if I don't push past all barriers and bring it to life that the world will fail to progress to its greatest potential, and it will be my fault... Thats what drives me. Thats what drives my Company too.

Personal Info:

1. Biker.

2. I love hiking, adventure sports

3. Knowledge updation in random areas.

4. Keen interest in Politics.

5. Meeting startup entrepreneurs and blogging..

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    • Propelis Consulting India Private Limited
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