Amuzie Christian

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

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The world they say is a global village. Of course, that is true. The world I say, is a small village, only time and space made it a factor for it becoming a global village.

Amuzie Christian (popularly called Oga Charisma) is a young passionate youth with strong zeal for Growth, Development and Talents. He is a Good Listener, A Team Player, A Coach; A Goal-Getter and a Motivator. He is built with a strong drive for positive change especially when he sets his mind towards getting things done. He started his life at an early stage as a church drummer in 1997 while attending various colleges. Knowing fully that the only constant factor in life is CHANGE, which is the bane for growth and development depending on where you channel it.

He has a strong passion for MUSIC, MEDIA, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and INTERNET BUSINESSES. With his passion for MUSIC, he went further to broaden his knowledge in MUSON, where he graduated with Diploma in Music and presently studying in Berklee College of Music in UK. He has organized various Youth Empowerment Programs, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Trainings for organizations and individuals.

Amuzie Christian is the C.R.O ofCENTRIFUGAL.He has work and managed other brands in his country, Nigeria. In addition, he has mounted and thrilled a surmounting number of crowds with his style of play on drum set.

He has also organized and trained different Christian denominations. Music, The Art and The Rhythm is one of his major annual events, which made the 2013 Edition, the 4th edition of the Annual Event. Operation Make it Work is another Workshop/Empowerment under Charisma Concept, he had put together with the aim of empowering the needy in his environment.

To bring this to a closure, he is a gifted writer. He has written many scripts for various producers. He is the current Social Media Manager for

Christian Talent Community

, a Christian body with that sees Kingdom Entertainment Practice as the dominant Culture of the land in Africa and beyond and a member of Board of trustees for the same organization and also a Media Personnel for one of

Africa's leading music companies


  • Education
    • Music Society of NIgeria
    • St. Joseph Secondary School
    • Afrisoft Business School
    • America Internet Business School