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I had a conversation this past summer with one of those who my grandmother called my Google friends over the phone, in the dark empty streets of some nameless suburban hole far enough outside of Chicago to make it Illinois, and

I told him that I didn't know where I was anymore.

I told him I thought of life as a train station and we're biding our time waiting for that right train to come in, and when you miss it you've got to go in another direction or wait for the next bit going toward your

destination, or maybe you've got to make a connection somewhere. I think life is all and only connection, and that those powerful ones both take you somewhere you never knew and help you to create something

fruitful there where it's met.

I told him I was standing in this proverbial train station and if I didn't go right now, I'd miss the ride to this next stop in our collective lives, and I'd be stuck on a trip to some place I knew I didn't want to go.

I didn't mean it so much that I wanted to go out to LA, though i did, but that I needed to know that when I got where my connection would take me, there’d be some other connection waiting in the station. There’d be that community around me who understood me, who cared about what I cared about even if they disagreed, who could be that mental counter to balance out my crazy, and I theirs.

I said if the right people rode that train together, wherever it wanted to go, we'd be able to make something of it by the time we got there, wherever it was we were going.