Ames Bailey

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Cancer: Element : Water Quality : Cardinal; Feminine; Negative Ruling Planet : Moon Declaration : ‘I feel’ Lessons to give in love : Tenderness, devotion and sensitivity. Quality of caring and nurturing. Lessons to learn in love : Ability to let loose and let go and ability to express openly. Personality : The Crab craves change, yet is scared of it. The stage of life that Cancer represents is perhaps the trickiest stage of human life – neither this nor that. No wonder, Cancer natives deal with a plenty of emotions, many of which are new to them, yet very real, very deep. With an eerie perception, they observe others, and thence develops their legendary instinct, their intuition. The troubled Cancer wavers and becomes confused, sometimes too clingy, at other times absolutely carefree. The vacillating moods of the Cancer natives wax and wane with their ruler Moon, making them prone to frequent swings and spells of melancholy and longing for the past. In a negative manifestation, Cancer natives may become too hung up, refusing to accept their flaws, while being cowardly, stingy, irritable and locked up. Thus, with a Cancer lover, it pays to stay informed in advance.

  • Education
    • Sisler High School