Amy Colton

Baltimore, Maryland

Never get in the way of your own self :) Let bygones, be bygones. Karma can be a helluva b*tch, tread lightly :) Wanna know more? Ask me! Separated, mom of two great boys. I've lived through some struggles that have shaped who I am. These experiences have shown me the strength that truly lies within me. I am not limited by the limits put upon me by my own body, or by others. I will not put limits on myself either. Positive mental energy brings forth a positive result. If you want to know more of my 'story' just ask me. I'm not spewing a bunch of gobbledy gook, I've been through a VERY tough road, and I'm truly lucky to be ALIVE today, thanks to some very wonderful doctors and the loving support of friends and family. I don't follow a spiritual guru, or any nonsense like that, I just believe in the strength of myself. Never give up, or give in, brighter days always lie ahead :)

  • Work
    • The Petite Princess
  • Education
    • Pikesville High School
    • Arizona State University
    • Savannah College of Art and Design