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Amy Davison

Texas, United States

I am a flawed child of the Risen King. My oldest and dearest friends are the books that wait for me on the shelves in my room. My greatest treasure is the gorgeous hunk of creation that I get to share my life with and three little boys that call me mommy. I have a weakness for jelly beans, twirly skirts, HGTV, and buttons of all kinds. But what weighs on my heart and mind is a love of apologetics and theology.

What I find even more exciting is knowing that I have been given this passion with a purpose: to serve others. If I can help one person rediscover the majesty of scripture or bring clarity to that which was shrouded in confusion than all the late nights studying and writing papers will be worth it. I just have to remain faithful with every step.

  • Work
    • Domestic Engineer
  • Education
    • Liberty University
    • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary