Amy Friedlander

I am a South African born Australian, who has lived in Uppsala (Sweden), London and Atlanta. Always curious and on a mission to get the most out of life. This usually comes from the people you meet along the way and so it helps that I'm a chatterbox (corporate speak: natural communicator), with an entrepreneurial spirit (not scared to challenge the way things are, driven, ambitious). Not to mention a foodie (need I say more).

I started my career in PR, learned the ropes of digital marketing and eCommerce during my time in London and spent a few years working in big agency land at Mark, M&C Saatchi in partnership with some blue chip clients.

I recently exited Wasabi Productions, a startup which produces interactive storybook apps for kids on touch screens.

Strategy and marketing is my thing. I set out to focus on digital media when it was clear that it was the future, and trying to remain at the forefront has kept me continually challenged, stimulated and overwhelmed. In a good way.

Bottom line is I love creativity and am passionate about effectiveness - ideas and tactics that make a big impact.

Ps: The background is a snippet from one of my paintings. I love to paint.