Amy Gwizdz

I am a passionate person. A few things I am extremely passionate about are learning, teaching and technology. I love to learn new things, and to share that learning with others. One way I do this is by integrating technology.

Technology is something in which most people show interest. It keeps their attention. It keeps them engaged. It motivates them. By using technology to engage my learners, I am providing a diverse learning experience that will captivate and hold the attention of my audience. It just makes sense. Check out my blog at

When I'm not in the classroom, I like to surf the 'net for interesting teaching ideas. One of my favorite sites for new and innovative ideas is Pinterest. There are so many great ideas housed on this one site! I learn how to teach equivalent fractions, research a literature unit, get ideas for a new bulletin board and recipes for dinner! Score!

Another favorite past time of mine is reading. I love to read literature. Classics, romance, mysteries, historical fiction, and especially children's literature. Sometimes I find it easier to relate to an 8 year-old in a Judy Blume story than to some of the heroines in adult novels. Reading is my escape.

Lastly, I am extremely passionate about my children. I am very fortunate to have summers off, so I can spend quality time with my two daughters. We love to take trips to the beach, go shopping, take bike rides, and hang out at the pool.

I am blessed.