Amy Higdon

10 Things You Previously Didn't and Probably Never Cared to Know About Me:

1. I used to be able to stick both feet behind my head. I no longer can.

2. When I was 5, I scarred my face. With a fire hydrant.

3. I worked on a television show when I was 9. I was a photo double. For a boy.

4. My favorite smell can only be found in 2 places: my Japanese host family's home, and inside the EMU at the University of Oregon.

5. I hate wafer cookies. Nutty Bars make me want to vomit.

6. I think dogs and babies are intensely more fascinating than adults ever will be.

7. If allowed, I could sleep the schedule of a little brown bat.

8. I'm missing a small part of my upper right ear. Not sure where it went.

9. I'm positive the best state in the US is Oregon. That's not only my opinion. Just don't move here, okay?

10. When it rains, I pretend the Earth is being cleaned. It's a nice sound, things getting better.