Amy Koch

Amy Koch

I am 37 years young, I have 3 gorgeous daughters who are 16, almost 8, and 6. I met the man of my dreams 2 years ago, and never looked back! I call him my superman, whether he likes it or not(which he doesn't). We saved each other from the despair of a lonely, miserable life. He loves my daughters as his own, and that is way at the top of my list of necessaties. He has 2 kids of his own, a son who is in his twenties, and expecting to be a daddy in a few months, and a daughter who is 19 and in college.

I have been a certified nurses assistant (CNA) for the past 5 years, until this past summer when I was forced to quit due to back pain. I have been off work since May, officially quit at the end of July, and have just accepted a position as a home health aid part-time. My back pain is better, as long as I am careful and do not do much lifting or too much physical activity. I took the job because they told me there is no lifting, we will see what they mean by that...

I have also been enrolled in college since August 2011. I do all my studies completely online, so that I do not have to scramble for sitters for the girls or squeeze it in to my day. I just hop on the computer after the girls go to bed at night and away I to college world!

I started out studying Cybersecurity...which I do find fascinating, but very overwhelming. I was passing the classes really well, I had an "A" in those classes, but it wasn't sinking in. I felt as though I should have known the insides and out of computers and everything to do with them before I took the classes. One of my requirements to my Cybersecurity degree was to take a criminal justice class, obviously. I loved it, learning about the laws.

That is when it hit me...I wanted to be in some type of law profession, but I did not want to spend many years in college. A paralegal! Immediately, I searched my colleges website for this program, and found it, I was so excited! I am loving it...and fully understanding it...even better.