Amy Smith

Belgium, Brussels

Life is too precious to worry about stupid things. So have fun, get drunk, and fall in love. Say what you feel and do what you want to do. Regret nothing and don't let people who don't matter bring you down. Things I like (in no particular order): Reading fiction. Loud thunderstorms. Pancakes with peanut butter. Season finales. Shoes that are both comfortable AND sexy. Shifting into 6th gear. Complimenting people. One hit wonders. People watching. Making really spicy chili. A cold Leffe Blonde and a dish of peanuts. Feeling slap happy. A full body massage. Tall guys. Winking at strangers. Inside jokes. Day dreaming. Hosting parties. Halloween. Nice teeth. Lying down in the snow. Talking in a fake voice. Mountain air. People laughing. Clean public bathrooms. Old people walking down the street holding hands. Just a normal everyday coffee. Cooking dinner with friends. Jogging in the forest in Autumn. Unexplained weight loss. Star Wars. Trying exotic foods. Telling crazy stories. Sleeping. Sipping hot wine on the slopes on a cold, but sunny day. Hammam. Old photos. New photos. Funny growing up stories. Puppies that look like baby Chewbaccas. Public speaking. Irish pubs all around the world. British humour. Sarcasm. The Thalys. Champagne. The Dentist. Free wifi. 5-star hotels. A fireplace. 777 aircraft. A good cozy cuddle. Endless supplies of good quality red wine.

  • Education
    • Central Michigan University