Amy S. Martin

Flagstaff Arizona

I use my lens to bridge physical, social and cultural barriers by connecting subject and audience through the undeniable human condition. My work in international development and ecological conservation has compelled me to share both hard truths and beauty to raise awareness of humanitarian and environmental issues throughout the world. I create my images to serve as a platform for connection, empathy and change. Except for working and traveling overseas, Arizona has been my home since I was born. I have spent 8 seasons alternating work in at the bottom of Grand Canyon and the top of the San Francisco Peaks. I spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Dominican Republic working in women's health and empowerment. I currently work for two non-profit organizations in the Dominican Republic-- the Mariposa Foundation and Una Vida-- who help to improve the lives of adolescent girls and marginalized women through education and empowerment.

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