Riding ~ Amy

I am a Buckaneer (Buckeye/Mountineers)

I support our 2nd Amendment.

I have an addiction to Tea.

I will inevitably be late.

I am a Gemini.

I once was close to getting my pilots license.

I have operated ALL farm equipment until my move from the farm.

I've never dyed my hair.

I do not drink soda pop.

I love music.

I'd rather be riding.

Some of my favorite places to be: .........whether they hold sentimental meaning or to relax, or to visit, enjoy or to just be there

At the farm (my Dad's in Ohio)

Open Road

My Grandma's

Wild Cat

The Ocean

My husband's arms

A fond memory

On a warm sunny day-

Riding the open road

Deep in the woods under a lush canopy of trees

By the waters edge

On a tractor in the middle of a hay field

Deep in the wide open country somewhere

In my garden

I love the warmer climates and prefer to live there but I also enjoy having four seasons. Well that is until January comes. Then I've had enough and I'm done. Jan. Feb. Mar. is the longest year. The rest of the months are just weeks.

I think that makes me hunger for warmer weather and appreciate summer more.

The grass is always greener.........

☆☆I should be riding.