Amy O'Deay

Philadelphia, PA

A concert enthusiast since the mid 1980s, I have been following my favorite bands on tour across the country and even internationally since 2006. After spending thousands of dollars in concert tickets and travel expenses, I decided to make my hobby into a career. Seeking a route to a career in live music production, I enrolled in Full Sail University’s Entertainment Business bachelor’s degree program. I will be completing this program in early 2013.

I have held numerous retail jobs since graduating from high school in 1991, and one of the most vital skills I have obtained from this field is empathy. In any career, it is vital to understand the wants and needs of your consumer, market, or client. In order to produce a product or service that will rise to meet these wants and needs. Doing so with passion, enthusiasm, and faith in the outcome is what makes even the most difficult jobs not only worthwhile, but can even make them enjoyable. Being a creative, very hardworking and diligent individual with a strong ability to prioritize and organize multiple tasks, my goal is to produce and/or manage unique tours that emphasize intangible elements essential to the performers’ own unique brands and identities.

I am currently residing in the Philadelphia area where I attend Full Sail Online; after graduation I intend to relocate to Austin, Texas: the live music capital of the world!

  • Work
    • Retail Sales, JCPenney
  • Education
    • Full Sail University