Student in Anna, Texas

I was born and raised for a small portion of my life in El Paso Texas, Life was pretty good there but we had to move to Sugar land Texas in about 2009 because my dad could not find work in El Paso, he did everything he could for us to stay in El Paso but him not being bilingual like my mom's side of the family plus me and my sister he could not find a job and we had to move. We lived in Sugar Land for about 3 Years then we ended up moving here to Anna to be closer to my dad's family ( even though i don't like them) ,We have lived here for about five years now but me,my mom and my sister still wish we lived in El Paso because its where our family is and we feel truly at home because more adjusted to the Cultrue over there than over here but it's not so bad her but i would like to move back.

I'm currently in FFA and Work at Subway ,but when I have time to myself I like to watch the Walking Dead or Doctor Who all day at home, but I do like to do things outdoors like Camping and etc.

Plans for the future... well I would like to collage but in Europe in the United Kingdom to be exact but this means i have to work hard to save money to be able to make it there. I would like to major in Veterinary Medicine or Archaeology, but I am ready to take on the world head on.