Amy Shi

I knew that I had to stand on my own two feet and take responsibility for myself when I felt that my grades started sinking lower in my 5th year of elementary school.

My first memory about school was when I was out in the playground during kindergarten, and saw a small girl about my age doing stretches next to a tree. She looked kinda lonely, and I didn't have anyone else to play with, so I approached her and introduced my self. I also asked a few questions about her. Then, I questioned if she wanted to play with me. She nodded, so we started playing some hand games, and soon became very good friends throughout kindergarten.

In elementary school, the teachers who had a positive influence on me were the ones who encouraged me while I worked, and also made learning fun for me by telling some jokes. They didn't just expect me to do a lot of work and be perfect.

I didn't really have a strong friendship with anybody in elementary school, but some of the moments that I remember were when my friend and I were walking around the campus chatting, and having a nice time together.

There was actually no bullying in my school because the teachers were super strict about bullying. I was never a bully, I always try to stay calm and treat everyone nicely.

There are 4 members in my immediate family- my dad, who is an easy-going guy, and likes to joke around. My mom, who is caring and always happy to give advice. My sister, who always tries to tease me, but always helps me in times of trouble, and me.

Some "words of wisdom" my parents told me were, " if you accumulate small steps everyday, you will reach a long distance."

I am the type of person who would focus my all on everything I do. No matter what my assignment is, I would try to do my best. I love to color and draw. I love coloring and seeing the outcome of my drawing. I also love to be creative and mix different colors together. While I draw, I am inspired to create more beautiful pictures.

If I could change something about my personality, I would try to spend my free time more physically, so I get more exercise.

This year, I learned that you have to respect other people's thoughts and not mind other people's business in order to get along in life.

My goals in middle school are to get good grades and engaged interactions with my teachers.

My plans for during and after highschool are to study well,