Amy Zerrillo

Tempe, Arizona, United States

I was born in Syracuse NY and then later moved to Albany NY in 5th grade. Most of my family is back in Syracuse. I don't think I would ever really move back but I miss them a whole hell of alot! Besides the family, I do miss the change of seasons and may possibly miss the snow. I know what can I say I'm a little crazy.

Then in 1990 we moved to Scottsdale, AZ which I was in High School at the time. I often wonder what life would have been like if I would have never left NY? Well I would have never met all my wonderful and supporting friends, like my good friend Joey and especially my best friend Brad who I could not imagine not knowing. He has touched my heart and soul in so many ways. He's the best friend a girl could ever have!

Well after high school I tried 3 different colleges and even took an internship in Walt Disney World. I finally graduated college from Arizona State University in 1998 and later got a job with America West Airlines. Of course it was not my first choice, hell I wanted to be a DJ at a radio station. I even was a DJ at the campus radio station and belonged to NATAS for 2 years. Why I never went into either of those fields I will never know.

Well I ended up staying with America West who later on in 2005 merged with US Airways. WHen I was a kid I never thought I would be working for an airline. But the truth is I love it! So funny thing is I'm no where near the person I thought I would be growing up in NY. You can kinda say I took a detour along the way and didn't look back.

The big question you really want to know is my relationship status isn't it? Yep this girl is single as they come and has no kids nor does she want any. I do have one nephew. His name is Race and I just love him to death!!! I love being an Aunt and I love being single. I don't know if I'll enjoy being single forever but right now it works for me. But you never can tell what the future may hold.

Wow! I guess thats me in a nutshell. Oh and theres one more thing to add ... I'm a princess and don't you forget it!! ;-)

So can you tell from this that I was a communications major and did lots and lots of writing in college? lol

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