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I am an imaginative, inventive and charming human being who has traveled extensively across the United States on planes, trains and on my motorscooter. I one day hope to scoot the Once Around Australia fundraiser, scoot in the Cross Egypt Challenge and to tour Europe on a scooter.

I lovelovelove history, reading, accents, and 3 glasses of rosé over a baked ziti at Pulino's in Soho.

As a Producer, Editor and Cinematographer, I thrive on the excitement inherent to our industry. I'm writing an action-packed Hollywood blockbuster that I dream of making millions from.

I'm a valuable addition to any production crew. I have worked as Producer, Editor, Production Coordinator, Location Scout, and retail manager.

Although I often have many projects in the works at once, I am always in search of new and exciting projects to be a part of.

Specialties: Producing • Editing (FCP) • Production Coordinating

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