amy burvall

O'ahu, Hawaii

I've been a Hawai'i private school teacher for 20 years and am currently on a Theory of Knowledge learning journey with IB Diploma students at Le Jardin Academy.

I've been a Mozilla Fellow in their Webmaker Program and Google Teacher Academy Atlanta 2014 participant (now a GCT).

I am the creator of several creative crowdsourced web projects including Serendipidoodle and #threethirtysketchquote.

I enjoy consulting and speaking and have keynoted at various events as well as presented at TEDx, ISTE Ignite, Mozfest, KQED, and CUE.

You can find me in various spots on the Web, as I continue the History for Music Lovers project on YouTube, blog about the MOOCS I'm participating in, create sketchquotes and metaphorical iconography, or tweet about education and design.

I LOVE Remix Culture, Copyright Reform, Media Theory, Typography, Art History, Graphic Design, Cheeky/Whimsical Art and Open Web/Open Culture.

I ADMIRE Marshall McLuhan, Henry Jenkins, Michael Wesch, Austin Kleon, Mitch Resnick , Stephen Fry, David Byrne, Jim Groom, Alan Levine, Howard Rheingold, Alejandro Piscitelli, Rick Falkvinge and Larry Lessig, among others.

I BELIEVE in the power of humor and music, sharing, and transparency. Create Don't Hate. Dare to Make...and Share.

  • Work
    • Le Jardin Academy
  • Education
    • the world, my peers (although I do have a degree)