Amy Cruz


My name is Amy Cruz, i stay in hungary, i've been there for the most part of my life. i'm a lady who has struggled almost throughout her life. I love being independent and i'm more of a person who doesnt like too stressful things. i'm in my early twenties and maybe you can tell that i'm in my early twenties. i am a graduate and though i'm still pursuing my master degree program, i'm an electrical engineer. thats me, i love challenges. I can still remember when i hated mathematics with a passion. But in my highschool, i felt defeated. These words encouraged me "if others can do it, then i can".... thats how i was the best student in maths and physics. And that was the minor part of my life. This quote also came to my mind for the major part of my life. On the net, a lot of people claim making money online. At first i didnt believe in making money online. But subsequently, after loads of researches i learnt that it was real, and that was when i embarked on the "fearless journey" as i normally called it. yes my quote as true. people make money why cant i. I finally did. I made money. i know that God helped me through all these. Because of that i opened an oppotunity for the newbies to earn money online through my blog to show them that "they can be their own BOSS in few months" I'm going to stop here. you can check out my blog for further stories and proofs. thats the link to my blog.