Amy Schlotterback

Oregon, United States

Combining formal training & practice in business and marketing, with years of experience in filmmaking, education, permaculture design, organic gardening, herbology, holistic healthcare, wilderness based therapy, movement & art therapy, natural building, & environmental activism to empower wide-scale social and political change.

Following a traditional western education in business, my early work involved corporate jobs based in wireless technology, marketing, social media, PR and sales. Two short years later, my fondness for the outdoors and travel pulled me away from the desk and back outside. In late 2006, I began Commonlink Productions as a way to substaintially impact social and political change through collaborative meta-media projects. Building mutually benefical relationships around like minded business and organizations, eventually led me to combine forces with my future husband and business partner co-creating: "The MapMakers", a line of investigative documentaries focusing on travel, social & environmental justice, and alternative solutions.

Over the past 8 years, The MapMakers have traveled the globe - investigating, participating-in, and documenting inspirational land & community based projects in Ethiopia, Jamaica, Colombia, British Columbia, Somaliland, and along the West Coast and Southwest of the United States. Living either off-grid or out of a backpack, Mike & I have filmed, edited & produced 3 feature length documentaries, and over 25 short films.

Currently, Commonlink Productions is developing a unique Wilderness Based Education Curriculum that incorporates regeneration techniques for individuals as well as environments.

Today, my pursuits incude designing and implementing urban permaculture landscape systems, serving on the Board of Directors for Birch Creek Arts and Ecology Center, beekeeping with the College of the Melissae, studying Waldorf Education, fascilitating empowerment and mentorship groups, leading workshops in movement and art therapy and developing a deeper sense of place in Southern Oregon through extended wilderness backpacking excursions.

My personal practices include trail running, aerial arts, yoga, rock climbing, skiing, and rafting. I believe that the true role of education is to help one discover who he/she truly is, and to support them in developing the tools that will ulimately help them integrate and share their gifts with the world.

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