Amy Sirois

Portland Maine

the person: proud Mainer. beach lover. obsessed with decorating. adore beachy & coastal stylings. addicted to music. favorite ice-cream is campfire s'mores. a flip-flops & jeep kind of girl. wish I could play the guitar. love bbq food & rum.

the past: spent years sitting at a desk as a Field Compliance Supervisor for a large financial firm. I liked my job, but decided life was too short to not LOVE what you spend most of your days doing. I craved a more creative outlet.

the adventure: my partner and I took a hiatus from 'normal' life a couple of years ago. We sold our house & many of our belongings, walked away from careers & hit the open road in a tiny RV. 14 months + 32 states + 98 square foot rv = the most amazing & life changing experience ever! Read our travel blog

the new beginning: when we returned to Maine, I picked up a piece of furniture off of Craigslist to paint simply because I felt like it. That sold. One led to two which led to four which led to.....ok, you get the point. I loved what I was doing & people were raving about my pieces. Dream come true and I've been happily covered in paint ever since!

the name: growing up 5 minutes from 3 beaches, the salt air is simply in my blood! It's my happy place. It inspires many of my creations in both color and style. When it came time to choose a name, I wanted it to embrace my coastal roots and the casual look that I love surrounding myself with.





  • Work
    • Salt Air Designs
  • Education
    • BA Psychology - University of Maine, Farmington