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Amy Vansant

Author of "Pineapple Lies" - romantic comedy/mystery, "Slightly Stalky" - a romantic comedy, the Angeli Series (Angeli, Cherubim) - an urban fantasy/paranormal romance, and editor/author of "Moms are Nuts" - a humor anthology.

Amy has been writing and finding other creative ways to make no money since high school.

She specializes in fun, comedic reads about accident prone, easily distracted women with questionable taste in men. So, autobiographies, mostly.

Amy is the former East Coast Editor of SURFER Magazine but the urge to drive up and down the coast interviewing surfers has long since left her. Currently, she is a nerd and Labradoodle mommy who works at home with her goofy husband.

She loves interacting with fans when the dog isn't laying on top of her, so stop by her blog or Twitter and say hi!