Amy Watson

Brisbane, Australia

To be a writer you have to read, read, read and read, my university lecturers told me. Reading many books inspire me to write all the stories I haven't read yet. Always write the books you want to read.

Another passion of mine is Dance, particularly Irish dancing. Since I was a little girl it has consumed me and when I'm not dancing, I'm writing.

Creativity is my mind set. Passions for the artistic world go above and beyond most people's understanding. Though I'm not adverse to the labouring world of retail or cleaning, I'm a bit a Jill of all trades, yearning for new challenges daily. It's a challenge everyday dealing with customers, products and being able to work in a team with such different personalities. Knowing everything there is to know about the products you sell, I definitely learn new things everyday to ensure my customers get exactly what they need. However monotonous the deli or bakery feels the daily experiences and hardships will help me in the future. Life is learning curve.

There are people who love routine, it's a comforting thought working 9-5, going to the gym and then home to a hot dinner. It's a dream, but not necessarily my dream. I love spontaneity and discovering new experiences. Sometimes they're negative ones, but we learn from them; or there are positive ones such as travelling solo around the United States and Europe visiting the rich culture of museums and zoos. You never know until you try it.

I'm a team player, working at Coles in my department there are too many Alphas trying to tell everyone what to do without actually doing work, whereas I'm all for work equality where everyone has equal share. If I'm given a specific job, I do it, though I can be a fair team leader when given the chance.

Being able to live your dream is not everyone's privilege, but I will certainly try my hardest to finally get there because I'm the protagonist in my own life story and I am determined to get that happy ending.

  • Work
    • Coles Delicastessen
  • Education
    • Bachelor Degree for Creative Writing from QUT