Amy Wolff

Amy Wolff name is Amy Wolff. My husband Brent and I, live in Germany working with Young Life Mid-Europe. We count it a priviledge to live in a culture other than our own. To be a support to those of our staff that are loving on kids around the world!

I am a wife; a partner, a sounding board, a support and at times a pain to my best friend.

I am a mother of three amazing grown kids whom I love with a passion. I'm a mother-in-law to two of the best partners for my kids I could ever ask for. I am also a new grandmother of a precious baby girl. I am a sister and a daughter.

I love all things out of the box. Creativity feeds my soul. Music makes my heart soar. I love taking pictures of the details - most of all people's faces.

I am emotional and I am a reactionist. I speak before I think and I end up having to ask for forgiveness way more often than I'd like. I long for a day when I will see myself as my friends see me.

I truly love connecting with people. I love walking through life with others. I am a lover of peoples stories.

To finish...I choose and commit to be a follower of Jesus! I struggle and I fail, and yet I grow and I'm alive in Him! I am learning to rest in His hands and to know that that is enough!