Amy Argyle

Amy Argyle

Pittsburgh birthed me. Dallas groomed me. Los angeles is raising me to my higher grounds. the world is my home.

addict birth parents led my paternal uncle and aunt to the daunting responsibility of raising a haunted Child. My dark yet colorful childhood Shaped me into an empathetic, strong, loving, open minded, precarious, and multi-layered woman.

"From adversity rose strength and beauty"

a bubble of energy one minute. silent and secluded like a hermit the next. I love the energy of being around people but cherish my quiet times alone with just my thoughts.

In LA since 2005 Pursuing my acting career. This city has definitely chewed me up but it spit me out in a new improved form!

performance makes me laugh, cry, sweat, swear, rejoice, and ponder. It pushes me beyond what I think is possible. Acting both envelopes me and scares the hell out of me. I want to share with the world all the emotions I feel while performing. I yearn to include them in on the little slice of this amazing thing we call life.

People always talk about having a back up plan and I think Dylan McDermott said it best in an article I cut out a while ago "If I had said I better have a back up plan just in case it doesn't work out, guess what? I'd still be busing tables. Never have a backup. It's a very dangerous thing".

My other passions lie in helping others by empowering, encouraging, teaching, sharing, and simply listening.

We can make this world a better place.

Other tid bits:

book worm. love trying new foods. constantly belting out my favorite song of the moment. inspired by all aspects of art and performance. embracing my spirituality. thrive on learning more about this world and its people. adore animals (have a hard time passing up strays), obsessed with elephants. love spending the afternoon in a thrift store. must travel more. the ocean calms me.

Welcome to a slice of me. I hope to bring joy, laughter, thought, enlightenment, a bit of zaniness, and a whole lot of love to the world around me!

"laugh loud, dream big, love often"

XO, Amy