Amy Baker

started simply, as a girl who loved creativity.

Some artists begin with their love of drawing or painting. While Amy had a natural skill and passion for these areas, her curiosity into the boundaries of the creative began at a very young age, and delved into a multitude of subjects including sculpture, interior design, theatre (performing and set design), painting and drawing.

She found her true calling in technology. Art came easily. It has been recognized by the artist that art was always a part of her, something she was born with, but technology was an extension of that internal passion. While art challenged her mind on an instinctual level, technology challenged her mind to use those instincts along with analytical thought to produce something much greater than either technology or artistic instinct could alone.

Amy Baker is a graphic designer currently finishing formal training at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Upon earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, Amy hopes to secure employment at one of Ohio's leading branding firms with hopes of eventually working in the United Kingdom to be closer to her sweetie.