Amy Bashor

Mother, Writer, and Manager in Georgia

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Once Upon A Time, I fell in love with stories. That love of stories lead naturally enough to a Disney World addiction. I enjoy reading stories, blogs and books about Disney. Not too long ago, someone suggested I try writing my own Disney story. At first I laughed it off. Then I started tinkering with some ideas. Soon, I had a something I wanted to share. That turned into my first book, A Year of Disney.

Now the writing bug has bitten and won't let go! My second book, Camping Disney, shares my family's love of Fort Wilderness. It is based on our adventures in the Walt Disney World campground. If you have ever considered stopping by the Fort, this book shares how to have the most fun at the Fort for any kind of visit.

With the second book published, I am hard at work on Book 3. If all goes exactly right, it will be available on Amazon this summer.

I'd love to see you at to share more about my adventures on my blog!