Amy Courter

As former national commander and chief executive officer of the Civil Air Patrol, Amy Courter gained a broad range of experience in military and government matters. She is currently the founder and executive of her own businesses. During her time with the Civil Air Patrol, the Official US Air Force Auxiliary, she held a number of other high level positions including national vice commander, national professional development committee chairman, and national chief of staff. In addition to her experience with the Civil Air Patrol, Amy Courter has devoted time and energy to a number of nonprofit endeavors around the country and internationally. She acted as an advisor to the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, is Vice President of the Women In Defense, and is a Trustee and Secretary for the Kalamazoo College Board of Trustees.

Currently, in addition to her business ventures Amy Courter serves as president of the International Air Cadet Exchange Association, an organization with which she was honored with the Medal of Honor for her service. Furthermore, she served as vice president and as a delegate from the United States for the organization.