Amy M. Dagen

Amy M. Dagen

Writer, photographer, blogger, mixed media artist, lifelong farm girl, fledgling martial artist and yogi, 20-year foundation breeder of rare Pintabian horses, travel enthusiast, gardener, aspiring biker chick, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, proud and present mother, and friend extraordinaire.

Doing things my own way is my modus operandi; in 5th grade when other girls chose to play the flute or clarinet, I chose the trombone. While the trend right now is white living rooms, I painted mine deep plum. I'm a do-it-yourselfer, adrenaline junkie and passionate introvert.

I believe in living with purpose; life is what you make it.

My work has been published in:

Dust & Fire 2008


New Mexico Farmer's and Rancher's Journal

National Horsepeddler

Midwest Livestock Journal

The Pintabian Persuasion

Frostfire Journal

The Hawley Herald

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune