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Amy Denae' Hossler

I am a creative visionary with a passion for speaking, writing, working in the film industry and bringing hope in many different facets of life!

I throughly enjoy speaking inspirationally in conferences, seminars and events. Most recently donning the title of "Hope Coach".

I have been a ghost writer for over 15 books (including writing for a former Miss America, a Dallas Cowboy, etc.) I also have written curriculum, articles for periodicals, etc. I presently have a fiction novel and screenplay in the works.

I have worked on theatrically released films such as Like Dandelion Dust, Stillborn, Beyond the Farthest Star, The Witness, Breaking and Entering, Got a Light? I have worked as an actor, Wardrobe Supervisor, Assistant Producer, Set Design, Assistant Director and have scouted internationally as well.

And as for keeping physical, I also am a part time tennis instructor. I also love to play golf and work out.

Hobbies? Love to arrange flowers, create events, and sing.