Amy Desel

Southport, CT, USA

Amy Desel is a highly qualified dietician with more than one and half decades of experience. Since many years he has been working with individuals suffering from different types of health problems. Diabetes has become one of the most common problems and a huge count of the population is suffering from this disease. Desel says that the adverse effects of this disease can be brought under control with the help of an experienced dietician. He tells that patients suffering from type 2 diabetes are obese, and thus, they need someone who can assist them regulate their sugar levels as well as body weight by recommending the right diet.

Amy Desel suggests diabetic patients to select a dietician who is flexible in his or her approach to food. There are some rules of a diabetic diet like where the calories should come from, but still a person can have plenty of variation in diet without actually breaking the rules. It is the primary concern of dieticians that they should also consider the preferences of their patients prior to finally giving them an effective diet program. Desel has assisted many patients with their diet plans, which have proven to be very effective in controlling sugar levels.