Amy Dykes

American girl in Germany. Fighter Pilot's daughter. Lived many places but calls Austin, Texas home. Unique human recipe: creative and scientific. Loves coloring outside the lines but would be pleased to write a process for it. While extensive experience in account management and international purchasing makes up one rail of her track the other one is love and involvement with all things entrepreneurial and startups. Loves in life are people, writing, technology and music. Her dog just gave her a pissy look.

Can't afford to hire full time talent yet? Hire me. I offer:

General Project Management

Any project that needs management by a smart competent witty skilled trustworthy person


Research for blog posts, articles, idea development, message

Customer Discovery- well versed in lean concepts of Customer Research and Development, Interviews, Surveys


Content Management- Coordinating writing of message materials for site and blog

Need to have a presence in English speaking arena? ->English blog/article launch management


Expert at finding resources,suppliers, creating requests for proposals, acquiring bids on materials/services