Amy Elliot-Meisel

Animal Rescue Supporter and Marquette University Alum in United States

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Amy Elliot-Meisel currently serves as an Academic Program Coordinator at Rush University. A professional establishing the foundation of her career in academic administration, Elliot-Meisel has previously worked as an Academic Advisor at Roosevelt University.

Amy Elliot-Meisel thrives in academic spaces. Though early into her career, Elliot-Meisel already knows that this is exactly where she belongs! She set the foundation for her own academic background with the pursuit and completion of her Bachelor of Arts in History & Sociology from Marquette University. During her time at Marquette, Elliot-Meisel kept active on campus, participating in numerous groups in organizations. Most notably, she represented the Marquette Tribune as Managing Editor. Elliot-Meisel also actively contributed to projects on Marquette University Television, the University’s official news media channel on TV. As of 2022, the academic administration professional is currently in pursuit of her Master’s degree (MEd) from Loyola University with an expected graduation date of May 2023.

In her personal life, Amy Elliot-Meisel is passionate about helping animals; particularly shelter animals who are currently awaiting placement into their forever homes. Elliot-Meisel proudly supports the ASPCA and no-kill animal shelters. She is also actively available for temporary dog and cat fostering opportunities.