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Chris and Amy Wilson are dedicated to growing as leaders & making a positive impact on those around them. We believe in empowering others with the confidence and belief to begin living their dreams!

We are very passionate and live life to the fullest! Your only here once so make sure you leave with no regrets!

We have been happily married 18years and have TWO amazing children who inspire me to want to do better every day.

We are Entrepreneur's at heart. I love the challenge of building something from the ground floor. I always have something in the works;)

We don't have a tolerance for negative or mopey people! We always Avoid negativity like the plague!

We consider our team to be an expert's in the art of connecting, marketing and branding.

Choose carefully the people you let into your inner circle! Always align yourself with people who inspire and lift you up!

We also believe that everyone needs a mentor in their life to stretch and help them grow!

One of our favorite philosophies in life is to focus on the relationships and everything else will fall in place.

So, if you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur and are interested in a brighter future, we should definitely talk. We may know people that could take each other's careers to new heights, join the Wilson Global Network.

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