Amy Flynn

Spiritual Teacher & Energy Healer in Connecticut

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I am a Facilitator of Consciousness, Change and Transformation. I love to spread instant joy and channel a higher Source that you can feel in the loving energy I radiate! I am committed to quickly shifting people into a high vibration of love and awakening.

Known as a business and people healer, my mission is quite simply to "wake up and empower" the world! I emanate a very high frequency multidimensional Energy that clears and balances energy as people listen to me speak or work with my programs and me. (It's an added bonus!)

I am the voice channel for an expression of nonphysical Source Consciousness I call "The Collective" who lovingly transform all interact with. I have been connecting with The Collective since childhood. They are wonderful loving teachers and guides and terrible cooks! (Ask me about their cooking adventures sometime!)

I am the publisher of the loved inspirational ezine "Energy Currents" and you can find me speaking on global Telesummits, radio shows and as a teacher on the Global Teleclass platform uplifting and empowering everyone and having fun!