Amy Gehling

Sioux Falls, SD

My education has given me the background I need to cultivate my creative aesthetic into meaningful design. My work is based in the intentional. I put great thought into how the consumer will interact with my designs. I am extremely interested in understanding how human behavior operates. I enjoy thinking through my project's workflow to understand how to engage people in a human experience.

Furthermore, I have spent a considerable amount of time understanding my "why". My answer to the question “why”, is found in my desire to create connections. This is the driving force behind my passion for design--as well as all of the other opportunities I choose to pursue. I believe a successful design should create a connection for the person viewing it. This connection will be what motivates the viewer to not only react, but also to take action. That is “why” I love what I do. It is “why” I will continue to keep up with new trends and techniques throughout my career, so that I can continue to speak in a visual language that creates meaning in someone else’s life.

  • Work
    • Independent Contractor
  • Education
    • B.F.A. with an emphasis in Graphic Design