Amy Hale Auker


Amy Hale Auker writes and thrives on a ranch in Arizona where she is having a love affair with rock, mountains, piñon and juniper forests, the weather, and her songwriter husband who is also foreman of the ranch.

She guides her readers to a place where the bats fly, lizards do pushups on the rocks, bears leave barefoot prints in the dirt. Where hummingbirds do rain dances in August, spiders weave for their food, and poetry is in the chrysalis and the cocoon. She tells stories about the real world where things grow up out of the ground, where the miracle of life happens over and over and over again, where people can and do survive without malls or Arby's. Amy believes that what you put out there is what you get back, and that if you do the good, hard work you will be rewarded.

Amy's first book, RIGHTFUL PLACE, is the 2012 WILLA winner for creative non-fiction. It will be released in paperback in June 2014. She has another collection of lyric essays in the process of publication with Texas Tech University Press. In 2013, Pen-L Publishing released her first novel, WINTER OF BEAUTY and in 2014, they released THE STORY IS THE THING, a novel of love and loss.

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