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Amy Hannon

My name is Amy Hannon and I blessed to be the wife of a wondeful man Ed and the mother of two amazing daughters, Caitlin and Abigayle. I have the most amazing parents which I am so thankful live very close by. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and strive daily to glorify God with my life. I am an an avid recreational runner having competed in numerous, sanctioned, races from 5k’s to marathon distances, including the 2012 Boston Marathon. I have for as long as I can remember, had a heart and a desire for positively influencing girls lives through Jesus’ word and principles. Since the late 1990′s, I searched for a girl’s running program centered on Christ. With each failed attempt in my search, I realized that the program I desired to offer to her girls, and others, was not available. Having witnessed this void, within our own communities, I began to create a program that would touch the lives of numerous girls...forever. In 2010, I founded Godly Running Girls®, a non-profit ministry. The goal of GRG is to equip each Godly Running Girls® participant with the spiritual and physical tools she needs to lead a healthy lifestyle and glorify God in all she says and does.

The Bio you just read is all true and what you will find on my grg website. But what you will not find there is the other side of me. The side I wish was not there and the side I struggle with every day. When I was twenty-three I started having migraines. At first, I would have one every couple of months and could usually just sleep it off. But as the years went on they went from one every couple of months to once a month, then once a week, then several a week, to now almost everyday. So this is my real story. Continue reading, Joy Comes In the Morning - My Story of a life with Chronic Migraine pain, on my blog.