amy herayati

i'm a lady, who loves watching movies, dreaming about the future and trying hard to be the best in my little faamily, i'm the only child in this famiy, yeah that's mean i don't have, brother nor sister, i enjoy photograph, not a profesional way, but i like it, arts, movie music, entertaint worl are my passion shame, i never had a chance to try one ever since i get in university, i'm studying resort and leisure management (about tourism business) incase you wondering.

i can be loud if i want, but i'm pretty shy too, not much into girls thing, but, it think i would have need it sooner or later,

my bestfriends are crazy never let me do things alone,

i was born in 13th december 1991 glad i have a same date birth with taylor swift, she is flawless! often her song was really me,

i have a big obsession with english, yet i know, my english not very well,

i have no boyfriend for now, just had my heartbroken, i wish i could meet my knight (i'd said it knight because my prince charming wont fight for me ) :P

oh i always had this big crush for Alfred Thomas Highmore, or you may know him as freddie highmore, i dunno why , he just mesmerizing me!

well, i think that's enough about me.