Amy Marie Adams

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Amy is an artist living and working out of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Currently her work is focused on experimenting with new printmaking techniques, mixed media and photography. Last years the works focus was on


and creating fine and functional art.

When she is not creating art or exploring new creative techniques, you can find her playing with her dogs and developing new functional art products. Commissions, original paintings and drawings are available direct through the artist. Giclee prints and cards are available for purchase on her website. Periodically she designs websites too.

p.s. I have been a member of this site since it started and sadly don't find it intuitive at all so I still don't get how to interact here with people in general other then to share biographical and social info. So if you are interested in contacting me, please visit my 'real' website or email me at or get in touch on twitter.

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  • Work
    • Arta Refugiatei SRL
  • Education
    • Universitatea Arta si Design Cluj Napoca
    • Art Students League NYC
    • MFA Painting