Amy-Jae Crawford

I created this page to keep clients informed of my schedule & other happenings Syd's related. I sincerely hope it's useful!

So, I am told it is difficult to get an appointment with me. Please know I am pro-active in finding spots for my clients. Magical spots do open, so please add your info & criteria to the wait list via our incredible receptionists. That way I will be privy to your needs & can start the conjuring!

I have been a licensed hairdresser since 1997. I opened Syd's Hair Shop with Bradford Scott & Erin Corry in 2001. Our goal was to provide an unpretentious & laid-back, fun, yet professional place to get a great haircut at an affordable price. The journey has been phenomenal! I have learned so much in these 10 years. I have fallen (alot) & more in love with what I do for a living each year. I am inspired by the wonderful artists I've been lucky enough to connect with. And I am always reminded how lucky I am to work alongside such a talented and compassionate staff, who appreciate our incredible clients as much as I do. I don't forget how fortunate we are to live in the area we do & have all gravitated to the same little hot spot. Syd's Hair Shop! Oh, and it's hot, alright. Have you seen us karaoke?

When I am not hair dressing, I am playing with my 2 kiddos, hanging out with my hubby, watching the Heels play some bball, reading, visiting locally with my parents & brother & always trying to find more time to exercise & bellydance.